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Ushers 2019


First of all, I would like to thank you all for making the commitment to usher during our church services.  You are one of the first persons that everyone meets when they gather at Mount Calvary to worship. Your smiling faces are greatly appreciated.  This is my attempt to inform all of our new ushers and remind our returning ushers of the responsibilities involved with being an usher.


  1. Check sidewalks for any hazards such as ice or snow.(this is usually done)
  2. Turn on all needed lighting. (this is usually done)
  3. During the last verse of the opening hymn and after the pastors and choir go into the sanctuary please close the doors.  During the winter months you should also make sure the doors to the back steps, church hallway and entrance way are closed to cut down on the cold air.
  4. Count the number of adults and children in attendance.  Record you count in the book by the front door.
  5. During the service please position yourself where you can still participate in the service and maintain a view of the narthex in case there would be a person that would need assistance or someone would come late during the service and need attention.

6.After the announcements, carry the bread and wine up to the altar.  The bread and wine will be in the kitchen area off of the lounge.  Pastor will come to the front of the altar to take from you.

  1. Then, please collect the offering and take up to the acolyte.  The offering plates should be in the lounge, if not they will be in the kitchen adjoining the lounge.
  2. Instruct everyone to go up for communion.  Most times people will kneel at the communion rail to receive communion.  Each side of the railing will hold about 15 people.  You may let one row go as the space becomes available.  Any communion cards given to you may be placed in the offering plates.  You will be the last ones to go up for communion.  At that time, please instruct the pastor if there would be anyone in the pew that would need communion taken to them.  Please be mindful of anyone new or visiting, our system may be confusing.  Extend any courtesy or direction they may need to approach the communion rail.   
  3. During the final hymn please open all of the doors to the sanctuary. 
  4. After everyone has left the pews please remove the sign in sheets from the books.  These sheets should be placed in the Church Office or Pastor’s Office.  Remove any paper left in the pews and put all books back.  Make sure all of the windows are closed.  They should not be opened now that we have air conditioning. 
  5. Make sure the offering plates are removed.  You will be given further instruction to secure offering. 






Once again thank you for being an usher.  The following is a list of the people who have volunteered their time to usher.  If you are unable to attend church when you are scheduled to usher you are welcome to contact me, Jerry Pozun or call someone on the list.  If you would change your responsibility prior to Thursday please contact the church office with the name of the new usher.  If possible I will ask you to usher for the entire month.  If you know now please contact me to let me know the month you prefer.


Ed Brandau                                        

Dick and Anita Brodt                          

Joan Bunnell                                       

John and Kim Colossimo                    

Ross Conklin                                       

Jack and Janis Daily                           

Bill Eschrich                                       

Richard and Lois Gallus                     

Jerry Heinze & Stephen Bower          

Brian and Lori Hiltz                            

Brian and Stephanie Hockensmith    

Kierisa and Thomas Hockensmith     

Bob Kamler                                        

Glenn and Liz Katrancha                    

Kathy Ling                                          

John & Theresa Lumley                                                                     

Mary Ann Mapes                               

Walter Mattern                                 

Wendy & Keith Mayket                                  

Bob and Kim McMullen                     

Nancy Miller / Sue Osborn                

Bill and Paula Nihoff                          

Jerry and Ruth Pozun                         

David Raho                                         

Tom & Kathy Rohrabaugh                             

Bill Sabo                                             

Richard and Lois Sholtis                     

Patti Sliko                                           

Paul and Gayle Swartz